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Cabinet Blasting

Cabinet blasting is the cleaning or preparing of a surface by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against the surface using sand, glass bead, aluminum oxide, grit, slag, garnet, steel shot, slag, walnut shells, and others. Cabinet blasting helps eliminate the use of organic solvent stripping and the generation of toxic waste material. A wide range of abrasive blasting equipment is available and blasting conditions can be selected to suit the coating and substrate. Cabinet blasting can be used in many different applications such as:

  • To remove rust, scale, and paint.
  • To roughen surfaces in preparation for bonding, painting or coating.
  • To remove burr on metal edges and surfaces.
  • To develop a matte surface finish.
  • To remove flash from molding operations.

We at Long Beach Custom Fabrication sell and use only the best abrasive blasting medium such as glass beads, aluminum oxide and walnut shells.  If you are interested in our Cabinet Blasting service or purchasing any type of abrasive medium, please feel free to contact us.